When it comes to the many amazing designs that were developed at Huntley & Palmers, A&COs favourite varitity has to be their adorable miniature ranges. First created in 1922 as sample offerings and then sweet little treats for the Christmas stocking, this example is in wonderful condition and completely authentic. Most likely dating to Crica 1925. A sweet little tin to treasure as a reminder of Reading world famous biscuit making past!  Measurements = width 3.9 cm, depth 4.0 cm .


Reading Museum describes these tins as follows:

This miniature tin in red, navy and white has titles of various biscuits within a garter and buckle design: Rich Mixed, Charabanc, Regal Creams, Macaroons and Dessert.

Miniature tins were first issued by Huntley & Palmers in 1922 decorated with the garter and buckle design. They were often given to children as presents. From 1928 pictorial images began to appear on the tins. The humour of such miniature tins lies in the fact that they mimic the very large retail tins that would have been familiar in every grocer's shop.





Adorable Rare Huntley & Palmer's Miniature Biscuit Tin Circa 1925

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